Festival season is upon us, and whether you’re going to Coachella, Burning Man, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, or one of the plethora of other weekend-long music events across the US, there’s one key to having a good time: be prepared. From rocking some super cute (and comfortable) vegan leather booties to wearing and sharing all of the eco-friendly glitter, we’ve compiled the 15 must-have essentials for this festival season.

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Vegan options at festivals

Festivals aren’t just about the music anymore. In fact, many have become bonafide food festivals—take Coachella, for example. The beloved music festival boasts a robust food scene with multiple vendors, many of which offer delicious vegan food.

Since Nic Adler took his place as Culinary Director of Coachella, the multi-weekend event has swiftly become a destination for food enthusiasts. Vegan himself and co-founder of Monty’s Good Burger, Adler has ensured an abundance of equally exciting vegan options at Coachella. Local Los Angeles eateries such as Cena Vegan, MANEATINGPLANT, Ramen Hood, and Monty’s Good Burger are regulars at the festival, and all are slated to return this year. In 2022, the festival even featured a multi-course, plant-based dinner prepared by vegan chefs and siblings Ayindé and Makini Howell. 

Beyond music festivals, exciting new vegan food festivals have popped up all across the globe. Check out our guide to vegan food festivals around the world and start planning your next vacation.

Vegan essentials for festival season

Before you head out the door, make sure you check out our list below for festival essentials.


1 Biodegradable glitter

Glitter, glitter, and more glitter! Music festival attendees practically leave a trail of the shimmery stuff behind them, but did you know that normal glitter can take up to 500 years to biodegrade and often ends up in the ocean? Well, no worries! Hemway’s eco-friendly glitter is biodegradable and cruelty-free so you can shine on!

VegNews.bumbag.brinnstudiosBrinn Studios

2 Brinn Bag’s Honeypie Bum Bag

Trust us: you’ll regret carrying around that backpack or bulky purse when you’re packed into a crowd of dancing people. Minimal, hands-free bags are the way to go, and this handcrafted vegan leather waist or shoulder sling bag is so chic that it also serves as a fashionable addition to your look. Strap it around your waist or use it as a cross-body bag to store your essentials for the day.


3 Glamermaid press-on nails

Make sure you carry your fun festival style over to your nails with these super easy-to-apply, cruelty-free, press-on nails. The nails are ultra-durable and can last for up to 3 weeks, which is essential for running and dancing the weekend away at a music festival. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a design to match your festival attire.


4 Mia Shoe’s Vegan Ivory Python Boots

It may be oh-so-tempting to opt for a strappy pair of sandals or gorgeous heels to complete your festival look, but many of these festivals take place in dusty, hot, and dry places and open-toed shoes in massive crowds can result in extra dirty feet. Instead, rock these trendy vegan leather booties that come with an anatomically contoured footbed. Your feet will thank you!

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 11.39.24 AMEtica

5 Etica sustainable denim  

Prancing around in the desert heat will be super comfy, chic, and sustainable in a pair of Etica’s eco-friendly, naturally dyed-denim shorts. Fair labor practices, reduced energy consumption and chemical usage, and ethically sourced materials and textiles make us huge fans of this eco-chic brand.


6 Hadobody shacket

Stay warm as the sun sets while waiting for the headliners to hit the stage in a soft, plush, cotton-fleece shacket. This version from Hadobody lists affirmations inside (a festival vibe if there ever was one!) that will ensure you have a beautiful, intentional weekend of community and music.

VegNews.womanindocmartens.docmartensDr. Martens

7 Dr. Martens’ Jadon Boot Retro Vegan Canvas Platforms

If Western-style boots aren’t your thing, reach for these tough-as-nails, but still feminine and fun retro canvas boots from this iconic shoe company. Once broken in, these boots will be comfy as can be for dancing the day (and night) away.


8 Touchland hand sanitizer

It’s no secret that the bathroom situation at large events is less than desirable. And when you’re surrounded by tons of people, plus eating greasy food throughout the day, you’ll want to keep your hands as clean as possible. We love Touchland’s gentle and hydrating hand sanitizer sprays, which come in a wide variety of pleasant scents, including Lavender, Vanilla, and Rainwater.


9 Hurraw’s Sun Lip Balm

Even your lips need protection from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. This mineral-based, protective balm glides on super smooth. Plus, superfood oils keep your pouts moisturized and hydrated for hours on end.


10 Vegan leather scrunchies

Keep your hair out of your eyes with these faux leather scrunchies. The black vegan leather scrunchy lends itself to cut-off jeans and Dr. Martens look, while the dusty pink pairs perfectly with a breezy sundress and cowboy boots look.


11 Larkly’s Mineral Powder Face Sunscreen

If your makeup is already applied and set to perfection, nothing is worse than realizing you forgot your SPF. This vegan, cruelty-free, and brush-on sunscreen saves the day and is super travel-friendly. Even better? It’s sustainable, with the option to re-fill your container instead of buying a new one.

VegNews.BandaBagsBanda Bags

12 Banda Bag’s Weekender Bag

Pack for your fun weekend away in style! Stuff your festival essentials inside this beautiful, spacious, handcrafted vegan leather bag and you’ll be ready to head out the door in no time. It’s sturdy nature, gorgeous embroidery, and dual strap make it a must for us.


13 Yuni shower sheets

After a day in the desert dust or a crowd of sweaty people, these cruelty-free, portable shower sheets that cleanse and remove funky smells are a lifesaver. Fresh rose and cucumber extract hydrate the skin while you wipe away all of the grime of the day.


14 E.l.f Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow

If ever there was a good excuse to play around with different makeup looks, it’s a festival. When you’re in that muddy field having fun with your friends, anything goes. This metallic eyeshadow from vegan cosmetics brand E.l.f will add an extra touch of fun and sparkle. Plus,  it’s easy to apply, and it’s long-lasting, too.
Find it here

VegNews.sunbuncooldownlotion.sunbumSun Bum

15 Sun Bum Cool Down Aloe Vera Lotion

While we always strive to prevent sunburn as much as we can, sometimes, burn still happens. If you find yourself at a festival with sore inflamed skin from too much sun, you’ll be so grateful to past you for packing this super soothing, hydrating Cool Down lotion from Sun Bum.
Find it here

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